Integration Services

There are always information needs. Our integration services include ERP, CRM, native cloud development/integration/orchestration and more.

Specialty Teknology Environments
Red Hat

Cyber Security

The chances your organization will come under a cyber attack at some point are very good. The old idiom of "The best defense is a good offense" means taking your corporate security to the next level. Firewalls and security software only go so far. When you do have a breach you must be prepared to react quickly to contain and minimize data loss and impact to your company's assets whether they are financial, physical, or reputation. We can help build and test these plans to ensure your company is ready if the worst happens.

Teknology Subject Matter Expertise

Sometimes all you need are resources to take care of operational or project tasks you just don’t have the FTEs for. We can step in and lighten your load by providing contract staffing when and where you need it.