Risk/Compliance Assessment

TeknoCyber offers a suite of compliance services  to help you prepare for an audit, meet compliance, or  prepare of certification

  • Cyber Security Risk Assessment
  • Security Architecture Assessment

  Preparedness Services

Our TeknoCyber Red team are industry  experts BlackHat. We use the same cutting edge-tools  that the bad guys are using to test your defenses.

•Penetration Testing

•Web Application Testing

•Application Security Testing

Incident Response Planning and Data  Breach Preparedness

The TeknoCyber Team are group of cybersecurity  experts as well as seasoned IR and Data Breach  experts. We can help you develop and update you  plans as well as guide you through your live  simulations and table-top exercises.

•Incident Response Planning

•Data Breach Preparedness Planning

•Table-top Testing

Virtual CISO Services(VCISO)

We have a team of former CISOs to guide you  through your cybersecurity leadership needs.  They are on staff and available for short- and long-  term engagements. Full-time CISO salaries today  are now at an average of $240K/year. Teknology  Cyber VCISOs are available from $60K to $140K per year