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  • We are a Texas based, IT Services company performing work nationally and internationally.
  • Our leadership consists of business professionals whose experiences span both large consulting environments and multiple industry segments.
  • Our delivery capabilities include both onshore (US) and offshore delivery (Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, and India).
  • Our strengths are in partnering with Teknology solutions companies and identifying quality professionals to create answers for our clients.
  • We love business, Teknology, people, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done right.

Select Success Stories

Custom Ordering System

Problem: Customer required an order management system to support fiber-to-the-tower site buildouts. These are complex construction projects and do not fit well into standard Salesforce orders and work orders.
Solution: Develop custom order, work order and tasks order templates; integrate custom orders with standard opportunities; provide Kanban-board visualization of order status; build complex scheduling with current expected delivery along with expected upcoming revenue reports.
Technologies: Sales Cloud, Object Manager, APEX, Visualforce (support for both Classic & Lightning user interfaces), batch jobs

Network Status Visualization

Problem: Account management team needed real-time visibility into customer service status without asking the engineering and support teams.
Solution: Adding operational status fields to Salesforce services along with alarms, availability and key performance metrics. Service status was calculated based on combined status of elements retrieved from SolarWinds Orion monitoring.
Technologies: Object Manager, APEX, Visualforce (supporting Lightning & Classic), REST, C# integration layer Challenges: Translating very technical Orion information into an easy-to-understand form used by nontechnical Account Managers.

IoT Analytics

Problem: When a supply chain and logistics client wanted to understand week- to- week performance of three separate suppliers (they all provided the same SKUs into the same warehouses) across nine different performance metrics we were able to help. Solution: By taking shipment, inventory, and days-of-stock requirements data, in addition to associated cost and pricing information, we were able to produce exactly the type of comparative views that would enable them to do better demand planning, make their ordering process more efficient, and hold their suppliers to their Service Level Agreement and associated penalties. Technology: Apilation proprietary Analytics as a Service


Problem: A large regional transit concern needed to update and expand its Cyber incident preparedness. Solution: Our team executed a project to assess the company’s incident response plan and risk by walking them through real-life breach scenarios to uncover process gaps.


Legacy Integration

Problem: Customer wanted to pull data from Salesforce to a Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse to provide unified business-reporting from multiple source systems.
Solution: Since the customer had a great expertise in Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) already, Salesforce objects were exposed as a SQL Service instance via Skyvia; scope of work involved some modifications to object model to add formula- and trigger-calculated fields to make the ETL
process easier. Additional, operational reports were added in Salesforce.
Technologies: SSIS, SQL Server, Skyvia, APEX, Object Manager, Salesforce reports


Problem: International CSP was tasked with deploying 4g and 5g VNF to meet communications companies’ demand to expand the virtualization of network elements. Solution: Provided a team of consultants to design, develop and deploy VNF across multiple carriers and locations in the US. Technologies: HP, Openstack, Ansible, Python, Docker, Kubernetes


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